Recipe: Chocolate Banna Sprbet

Hello! This is Annie again. This time I am going to show to you a delicious, very very easy recipe for Chocolate Banna Sorbet. It’s like Chocolate icecream, but much more healthy and Fruitier!
For 4 people.
Ingredients: About 5 Bananas– chopped
Chocolate powder
Milk or Hazelnut/Almond/Coconut Milk
Freeze the chopped Bananas. It’s good just to have some banans always frozen in the freezer, that way you can make this when ever you want. When the bananas in your Fruit bowl are too ripe and going brown, cut them up and freeze them. Otherwise just put them in freezer long enough before you want to eat so they are well frozen.
Put the frozen bananas in a blender (Ein Mixgeraet). If you don’t have a blender you could try using a hand mixer (ein Zauber Staab). Add 1 big tablespoon of chocolate powder, however much you want really. Add about 6 tablespoons of Milk. Then turn the blender ON. If the blender stops mixing, it means that there is not enough liquid (flussigkeit). Add more milk as you go along, so that the mixture is still stiff but liquid enough for the mixer to work.. The Sorbet should be quite stiff. Not as stiff as ice cream, but still stiffenough to eat with a spoon. Like a very thick milkshake. If it isn’t sweet enough add some honey or sugar. Enjoy while still cold. You could sprinkle over coconut flakes, chocolate powder or nuts.
© Annie/C.P.

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