I’m a lot into white this summer and my room has never been that white and clean and I just love it. My sheets are white, my photos black and white and my boxes, too and I am really content with it at the moment. There might be a room post later on this summer but I’m not quite sure about it. Also my tumblr really inspires me to take these photos, check it out if you want:   http://thepureinspiration.tumblr.com/
I haven’t been posting much recently and sometimes I’m thinking about having a little break cause I don’t feel like there are not so many people interested in my posts. Well, I’m thankful for every single follower and never thought I’d have that many but I don’t really get a lot feedback, not as much as I used to get so I’m not really motivated. Buuut I think I’d really miss my blog and it’s somehow a big part of my life so I will just keep on and I hope California will inspire me so that I take many photos over there, that means LOTS of new posts!
Btw, the book in the photos is Looking for Alaska by John Green, one of my absolute favorite books and I cant wait to buy more of his books in America and finally being able to read them in English! 😀 And the Daughter album is one of my soundtracks this summer.


  1. hannah :-) June 24, 2013

    also ich muss dir an dieser stelle mal sagen, dass ich deinen blog echt SO gerne lese und du mich echt inspirierst 🙂 weiter so!

  2. Niki June 24, 2013

    I hope you don't abandon your blog. Your readers may be quiet, but we still love following your blog! (At least I definitely do.) I've also been into white decor as of lately. It's just so clean and fresh. Your photos definitely capture that. Have a good trip to California!

  3. Linda June 24, 2013


  4. Jana June 26, 2013

    Sehr tolle Lichtstimmung! Schöne Fotos 🙂

  5. marie June 29, 2013

    deine Bilder sind wunderschön und ich liebe es so sehr, wenn Räume weiß sind und alles so klar wirkt ♥

  6. Charly July 1, 2013

    Wunderschön Clara <3

  7. olive July 9, 2013

    wirklich, mach dir keinen Kopf darüber wie viel feedback du bekommst! dein blog ist einer meiner Lieblingsblogs 🙂

    Du machst dir so viele Gedanken über deine Bilderauswahl und Bearbeitung – das merkt man als Leser. So just carry on with what you're doing 😀


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