A field trip to De Hallen in Amsterdam Oud West turned out to be the perfect opportunity to explore the neighbourhood a bit, enjoy the beautiful golden October light and discover new hotspots.




After spending some time around De Hallen, taking notes and photos for a group project, (last two photos are taken there) I walked around the streets of the neighbourhood and found this cute little place called The Breakfast Club. Unfortunately it was already closed (I guess it’s called Breakfast Club for a reason, and not only to praise the amazing movie), so I couldn’t take any photos inside but the light was so beautiful and the orange-reddish houses were reflected in the huge windows so I just took some photos from the outside. Definitely a great reason to come back, though. Exploring this neighbourhood reminded me of how many more places, streets, cafes, I haven’t seen yet in Amsterdam and how much more often I should just go, take my bike and cycle through this beautiful, beautiful city. This city often seems so unreal, so idyllic. Sometimes, when I’m on my bike, cycling along the canals, crossing bridges and watching the tiny boats floating towards the setting sun I just can’t help but feeling like I’m in a scene taken from a movie. I am just so glad I chose this city to be my home for the next years.

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  1. Laura Lgndry October 28, 2015

    oh mein Gott!
    amsterdam ist aber auch sooo schön! ich kann es gar nicht erwarten erneut die Stadt zu erkunden 🙂

    xx, laura :*


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