I’ve been to De Pijp a couple of times now and every time I love it more and more. Last Wednesday I walked around with a friend looking for a present and I found 3 amazing concept stores all next to each other. I could have made a post about all three of them but I’d rather post a little more often than once a week so here we go, Part 1 of three super cute concept stores in De Pijp, Amsterdam.



All The Luck In The World is located on Gerard Doustraat in the heart of De Pijp and sells a nice mix of interior accessories, artwork and postcards, jewellery and all this kind of amazing stuff that is usually a bit overpriced but still so cute and perfect for birthday presents. I loved the interior so much, and the colours, a bit girly and retro but not too much. These shops inspire me so much, even if I usually don’t buy anything I get so many ideas on how to decorate my own room. And then again, christmas is not that far away anymore right?
After a week of super nice late summer weather October has officially arrived here in Amsterdam. And every year I realise how much I love this season more and more. The mix of those typical autumn days, cold and grey and so great to cosy up inside and then those golden days where you can sit outside, your scarf next to you, enjoying some last sun rays or going for a run in the park. And then there are the Netherlands and you can have both in one day, all foggy, windy and quiet on my way to the library this morning and so nice right now that I’m about to head outside to enjoy a coffee in the sun.
All The Luck In The World / Gerard Doustraat 86hs

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  1. Elisabeth G.G. October 5, 2015

    Hey =)

    Wonderful pictures! I love the design and architecture =)

    >Die Welt, Kaffee und ich<


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