I took these photos a while ago, when I was exploring De Pijp and all its cute little stores and boutiques so now, that I’m trapped in the Uni on a Friday afternoon (and this one time not because of a deadline or my workload but because of one of those Dutch storms that don’t want you to step outside…) I have some time to finally post them.

Anna & Nina is another one of those adorable and super stylish concept stores you find scattered all around Amsterdam that are stuffed with things like cool mugs, picture frames and nice little bracelets. Probably not a place where you’d go shopping on a weekly basis but definitely perfect if you’re looking for a nice present, souvenir or that one piece that can make your room look like one you’d find in a Scandinavian interior magazine. Almost.
ANNA & NINA // Gerard Doustraat 94
And thanks so much to all of you supporting my last post, definitely inspired and motivated me to post a bit more like this. Also, there’ll be a life update post soon again, thinking about doing that on a regular basis to keep you a bit updated about what’s been going on in my life over the past weeks and obviously to make a proper use of all my phone photos that otherwise would never make it on my blog.

Seems like it stopped raining, or at least like I could make it home without getting totally soaked. So here’s a nice song for you, enjoy your weekend!

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