Yesterday we took a spontaneous trip to the beach and it was the best idea in a long long time. I was so happy to be back at the seaside, I almost forgot how beautiful it is, even when it’s 7 degrees and rainy and windy. Or maybe especially when it is like this. I don’t think there is anything more calming and freeing than running at the beach, not caring about anything in the world and just seeing the rough waves rolling in. We walked along the water, had lunch in a cosy beach restaurant and sat in the sand and enjoyed the wind on our faces. This is definitely going to happen a lot more often.


  1. MERLE January 10, 2016

    wunderschönes video mit so vielen kleinen details und das, was du drunter geschrieben hast, hab ich im video gesehen! xx

  2. Lilly January 10, 2016

    ein tolles video! es ist so schön ruhig und irgendwie sehr angenehm anzuschauen 🙂

  3. linda January 11, 2016

    Richtig tolles Video <3

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