With Estonia being only a few hours away from Helsinki I took the chance and visited its capital during my trip to Finland. The ferry ride there was cold and windy and maybe not the nicest part of the day trip (but hey, I got to see some very Finnish cottages) but the time I had in Tallinn was much, much better. I spent the day just walking around, exploring every corner of the old town (which, admittedly, looks like a real-life-fairytale-town), having vegan burgers with a view over the city and simply enjoying the atmosphere.

160824_100-18160824_100-22 160825_100-17160825_100-48160825_100-21 160825_100-26 Tallinn is so bright and colourful and pretty it seems like¬†people are competing with each other who can pick the nicest colour.¬†I know it’s clich√© (and definitely not gender-discussion worthy) but¬†how can you not think of a disney princess living in this pink palace?160825_100-28 160825_100-33 est-001160825_100-32Restaurants and caf√©s are rare in the Old Town of Tallinn so I was super happy when I ran into this place, the “Vegan Restoran”, which I had already read about before. Paying about¬†a third of what it would have cost in Helsinki I ordered¬†a delicious vegan burger for take away and picnicked in the sun with a view over Tallinn.160825_100-35 160825_100-37 160825_100-43 160825_100-44 The ferry ride back to Finland was beautiful, no wind, no grey clouds but endless blue sky, blue sea and a seat behind a huge window where it was sunny and warm.¬†160825_100-52 160825_100-56

Life back in Amsterdam is busy, busy, busy. Having a lot¬†more work load than last semester and being part of the¬†Art Committee of my uni just takes so much of my time I barely get a free hour to go for a run. Still, between all those assemblies and assignments and presentations and calls with the municipality (cheers to the adult life!) I am still trying to make sure I’ll keep this blog running and more updated than last semester: the Helsinki City Guide will be up very, very soon and some more posts are already planned as well. But for now it’s Friday afternoon and that only means coffee in the sun and dinner preparations with friends. Could be worse.

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