If you like cool, fancy places, want to see where the locals work on their MacBooks and don’t mind spending 5€ for a cappuccino Helsinki is heaven. (I mean, not only then, there are other reasons as well but let’s say there are these kind of places all over the city!) We had lunch at this super nice cafĂ©/bar called “Why Join The Navy When You Can Be A Pirate”, located in Helsinki’s Design District, Kamppi, and besides the perfectly fitting paintings, beautiful walls and massive windows my roasted veggie sandwich was pretty great as well.

160820_100-5 hotspot-003160820_100-13 Apparently they also turn into a really nice bar at night. There are DJs and drinks too expensive to actually drink. But I guess that’s the price you pay to experience the real Hipster Helsinki.160820_100-15 160820_100-4hotspot-001Peppi being that patient friend travelling with someone who takes photos before drinking the coffee. Or while. Or after. But she’s doing a pretty great job. And I also let her start drinking it while I was still running around the cafĂ© with my camera.160820_100-35160820_100-19 160820_100-34 hotspot-002160820_100-43

Why Join The Navy When You Can Be A Pirate → / Annankatu 28, Helsinki

Sadly I only have one hotspot to post about Helsinki but the City Guide is yet to come (packed with nice cafés and museums and everything) and also a Travel Journal from my trip to Tallinn. Very excited to actually have enough material to post to make it seem like I am not even studying, spending my Sunday afternoons in the library and not leaving campus during daylight for almost a week now. But having this new blog will definitely motivate me to explore Amsterdam a bit more and especially to keep working on the big, big Amsterdam City Guide!!

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