I said I did not have any more old photos to post and that it now starts to get serious and I actually have to get up and run around Amsterdam to provide you with new Amsterdam posts. But oh well, I almost forgot I spent one day in Paris this summer and of course, travelling with Cosi taking photos all the time is obligatory. It was just an afternoon, really, on our way back from Spain to Germany when we hitchhiked along the Atlantic Coast and then took busses from Nantes to Düsseldorf, but an afternoon in Paris is still one of the greatest things to happen, especially when it is a warm late summer day and the light is so beautiful and the air so warm.

160810_096-4 160810_096-12 160810_096-24 1-001We walked around the streets of my favourite neighbourhood, Le Marais – it was late enough to not be overrun by tourists anymore and we simply enjoyed the atmosphere and felt a little bit like in a movie.160810_096-29 parizzz-001160810_097-6160810_097-3Dinner in Paris – especially right in the center – would have probably been worth more than what we paid for our entire journey from Spain to Germany so instead we went for drinks at one of my favourite places, Le Pick Clops and shared a piece of quiche. Felt so French, we almost forgot we carried our big backpacks with us. 160810_097-43 160810_097-44 160810_097-46

A day in Paris cannot end better than with a walk along the Seine, with the sun setting behind the Eiffel Tower and everything seems to be pastel coloured and magical. I have been in Paris so many times I sometimes forget how beautiful it actually is but this one day we had there during August really made me see it with different eyes. Considering it takes about 3 hours to go to there from Amsterdam I really should go more often, or at least once this year, because there is probably no better weekend getaway than walking through the streets of Paris, sitting in little cafés, getting inspired by the chic French girls and doing some museum hopping. And then you remember you’re a student who rethinks 4 times if a second glass of wine for 3,50€ is actually necessary… Way to go until that weekend getaway in Paris…

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