It’s Sunday and even though I admittedly haven’t managed to go and take some photos for a new Amsterdam I did manage to finally – finally – sit down and cut the video about Peppi’s and my trip to Portugal last May. I didn’t film anything during our road trip around the Algarve but quite a bit in Lisbon so here we go, thanks to the help of my brother: LISBON MAY 2016!


Without him I wouldn’t have been able to edit it the way I wanted to, also because his editing programs are just way more professional. (Check out his channel or instagram, he makes some amazing stuff!) And even though I’m not too happy with the footage I love being able to have such nice memories, packed together in a few minutes, always reminding me of the time we had in this beautiful city. Reminding me of warm summer nights, spent walking up and down the narrow and steep streets of Lisbon, sitting and listening to music while overlooking the Tejo and amazing food and wine in tiny little restaurants. Cannot wait for my next trip to Portugal!


  1. Maja October 31, 2016

    Looove your Videos ❤❤

    • Clara October 31, 2016

      <3 <3 <3


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