Since starting at university the time I have to get up on a Monday morning has changed, slightly, from 6:30 to 8:30 (the perks of campus life), and so has my attitude towards Mondays. But still, I for sure am not the only one sitting here, starting the week with too much coffee and too many things on the to-do-list, not really ready for the week yet. I did not manage to post on Sunday, (laundry and my statistics exam kept me busy all day long) but maybe starting the week off with something productive is also a good idea.

Okay¬†so Mondays are difficult. It’s the official aftermath of the weekend, and whether that was spent dancing until dawn or binge watching series¬†or hiking in the woods or catching up and preparing for classes:¬†Monday means getting back to routine, to scheduled appointments and deadlines and set times and many many things to do during the next days. It can be frustrating, knowing it’s five days which have to be mastered until Friday, five mornings to force yourself out of bed, five days of routine, commutes, schedules…

But there is more to a Monday than that. It’s really is nothing new but generally, Mondays are truly, completely underrated and once you realise what Mondays actually have to offer, setting your alarm on a Sunday night is suddenly not that bad anymore. There is the excitement of a new week (Yes, that is a thing, believe me).¬†Your chance to start all over again. Honestly, resolutions should not be limited to New Years, they should be a weekly thing. Sitting down on a Sunday and thinking about your goals,¬†not only the big ones but small, everyday goals you want to achieve during the next days should become your number-one habit. Go, make Mondays exciting and productive, write down and plan out what needs to be done, and how it needs to be done to¬†make it amazing. Honestly, go and do it. If you were looking for a sign, this is it. Get shit done. No need to ever fear the Monday morning anymore. Or, maybe, just a little less often.

Ironically, I started writing the post Sunday night and now finishing it over my lunch –¬†it’s not even Monday morning anymore. That’s how efficient I am. My excuse: the statistics exam and my need to now last minute procrastinate. But then again, at least I got one thing done, my post (trying to not think about p-values and linear regressions right now). Really excited for Tuesday already. And thanks to the wonderful people from Projekt Stil¬†for sending me those great¬†prints and for inspiring¬†me to write this post and to start this week as motivated as possible. Six¬†more days to make this week amazing.

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