I don’t have any (good) excuses anymore for not posting something fun and up to date and straight from¬†Amsterdam. Even though I did have an incredibly busy week I actually did spend my Saturday cycling through the pouring rain all around the center, visiting the¬†Stedelijk Museum and having coffee in a super nice caf√©, which was definitely blog material¬†but way too dark to be photographed now that it is basically turning dark after lunch.

Again my archive saves me, although it is already Monday now (writing this on a Sunday night doesn’t really count I guess). I found these photos from New York and I admittedly had to check the blog archive whether I really have never posted them before (can’t see how this could have happened…). New York is more than one and a half years ago but I still remember it so often and miss it like crazy: the rush and the busy, crowded avenues, the cosy and quiet alleys in Greenwich and West Village, all those beautiful buildings, inspiring places and cool people.

_p1_6869_p1_6868Even though I found these photos above in my archive they could have actually been taken by my mum, not entirely sure since we shared her camera for the time we were there together – but I love how they show so perfectly what I miss about New York: the constant rush, the noises and the beautiful colours of Manhattan._p1_6789 _p1_6804 150407_002-28 I honestly spent days and days walking through Greenwich and West Village, explored every street, found (almost) every cute coffee shop and restaurant and sat many hours in¬†Washington Square park watching NYU student’s having lunch or doing their¬†readings (no signs of jealousy at all, no). Since I spent about one whole month in the city I could actually take the time doing all this without feeling the need to rush from one tourist attraction¬†to the next one – it was more than I could have wished for.150409_001-38 150409_001-49 150410_001-23 150410_001-24

I cannot wait to be back. So many more places and neighbourhoods to discover, things to do and see and streets to walk up and down. Fingers crossed it won’t take another 19 years and fingers crossed my friends will never¬†get tired of me requesting to only watch movies which are set in New York.

I realised it is almost impossible for me right now to regularly go out and discover places in Amsterdam which I can¬†then post about. The weather and meetings and assignments keep me captured on campus. But, I have something in mind now though which could save me from¬†posting random travel throwbacks for the rest of the winter and actually post about something current and up-to-date. We’ll see how that works.

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  1. Lara Höfemann November 7, 2016

    the pictures are beautiful! i miss new york like crazy, too! i’m so in love with the vibe of the city.


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