A while ago I wrote a post about getting all your stuff done, being productive, and making the most out of every day. So I think a counterpart is necessary, about how important it is to take some time every now and then – some time off everything. That is, if the productive part has worked quite well so far.

There was a time when all I¬†had¬†to do the weeks before christmas was baking christmas biscuits and making sure I got matching wrapping paper for all my presents. And maybe learning¬†how to play a random christmas carol on the piano. Well, that’s not really the case anymore. Uni is turning December into the official month of deadlines, the month in which I¬†suddenly have to write more essays than I had to throughout the whole semester, leaving little to no¬†time to listen to music other than¬†the “Focus”-playlists on Spotify or eating something a little more festive than crackers and hummus (on the go). My weekly schedules until christmas indicates what time on Monday nights I have a spare hour to get groceries and when I should be done with the second paragraph¬†for essay no. 3.


And yet I¬†have somehow managed to schedule¬†drinking tea with a friend, and meeting another friend in a bar, Tuesday night, just between a psychology exam and a group meeting on Wednesday morning. Because being productive and getting shit done is one thing, something that will definitely make you proud and feel good, but taking some time off every now is just as important. YES, it’s absolutely necessary¬†to every now and then just talk about plans for New Years Eve¬†or what to wear for Winter Formal, about the excitement to finally watch the new Gilmore Girls season during christmas break (YES it is real) and what to do during next spring break.¬†Or whatever you want really, as long as you don’t need to reference the source of the conversation, find a fitting statistic or¬†do a¬†60 pages reading to prepare for it. Get your shit done but then take some time off, take time to get into that christmas spirit, take time to listen to Michael Bubl√© and/or Mariah Carey (or the Harry Potter Soundtrack – just as christmassy), take time to watch Love Actually, because it’s not christmas without Love Actually. Take time to write a post card to the friend abroad or to¬†meet another one that is closer to you for coffee, or wine or something in between.

It seems like growing up is when December turns from the least stressful to the most stressful month ¬†of the year but hey: remember the importance of setting priorities, of saying “no” to some things and making sure you get some time to yourself. Or some time to write a post, in my case, even though there is too much other stuff to do and really nothing to post about right now. ¬†At least I can write about that. Good thing I’m not a fashion blogger, there is really nothing better to wear for¬†days spent at the library than yoga pants and oversized jumpers. My blog would have to hibernate during these months.

(Btw, yes, I am aware the collage isn’t a masterpiece. I would have taken some nice photos of pretty cups of coffee or aesthetic magazines for this post but by the time I left¬†uni today the sky was purple and by the time I got home it was black).


  1. Stephanie December 1, 2016

    I always have to have a little time to do nothing each week. Otherwise, I get too overwhelmed and end up depressed because I’m just go, go, go every day.

    • Clara December 1, 2016

      YES it’s so important to take breaks and just breathe and relax for a bit. Good luck with everything and remember that your mental health ALWAYS comes first! <3

  2. fts1306 December 1, 2016

    Beautiful written post !!

  3. Sibylle Pietrek December 2, 2016

    freue mich auf Christmas feeling mit meinem Schatz in Amsterdam. Die Lichterketten sind schon eingepackt, allerdings ist es das erste Jahr an dem noch kein Adventskalender am 2.!!!! Dezember am Fenster hängt.
    Mal sehen was ich heute alles noch geschafft bekomme.


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