I am writing this post back home in Germany after a break of too long. The past weeks finals had taken over my life and I honestly had neither time nor motivation to write any more words than were necessary to finish my 3 papers, research report and presentations in time. But here we go, the day of the last deadline, everything ready to be sent in and uploaded and I have never been more excited about not using my brain for a few days. About sitting on the sofa, reading┬áthe book I started in August, watching the series I have been watching guiltily┬áduring the past weeks, going for walks, wrapping presents (that yet have to be bought), posting a bit more regularly… – everything finals kept me from for weeks.

Having lived in Amsterdam for one and a half years now I thought it was about time to give a little tour around my dorm room. It’s actually not really a dorm room, it’s massive and has its own kitchen and bathroom so think of it as a studio but since we all live on campus┬áand we have the tendency to Americanise everything at my uni it’s not just student housing, it’s the dorms. It took me a while to feel comfortable in a room with orange linoleum floor and no sunlight ever but┬áhaving beautiful old furniture my mum and dad brought home with them after living in┬áLondon and Paris and sets of postcards I picked up on my journeys to the most amazing places makes it a bit easier. And besides, in the end what makes a home really a home is the people that come over for tea or dinner or movie nights, the candles spread all over the room, posters from exhibitions and events, books that have been read and books that should be read and the smell of clean┬ábed sheets and freshly brewed coffee. Who needs wooden floors, swing doors and moulding anyways? I guess┬áme, in one and a half years, when I’m done with the dorm life and ready for a new place.

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  1. Sandra December 25, 2016

    Wir sa├čen zusammen um eine Doku ├╝ber Prag anzuschauen; dorthin haben wir einen Familientrip im kommenden Jahr geplant und sind schon ganz aufgeregt. Sowas haben wir zuletzt vor 10 Jahren gemacht und es wird bestimmt sehr chaotisch ­čÖé

    Viele Gr├╝├če



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