Last Friday the Art Committee of my uni organised – once again – their biannual arts festival, taking place in the Dokhuis Galerie, an old church, in Amsterdam. Last June I posted some photos of the summer edition of the festival, which was much more focused on music (what else would have suited the beautiful garden of Tolhuistuin more?) but this time it was all about art: the whole church served as a large exhibition space, canvases were put up where people could paint and film screenings and poetry slam turned the exhibition into a proper festival. 

I absolutely loved the location, a former church, hidden behind a street facing house in Amsterdam Oost. The look was super clean and pure, with massive white brick walls, huge windows and a beautiful wooden floor. The exhibition fit in perfectly.

Currently I am also working on another big project which occupies most of my free time (that is, when I am not reading the last pages of my Harry Potter, writing end-of-the-semester reports, having end-oft-the-semester meetings etc etc.) and I reached the point where I am so done with these temperatures which refuse to exceed 2 degrees. I had planned to visit 2 museums every week, and try out new places to post about, and do weekend trips and all that but seems like that will have to be postponed to when I am ready to voluntarily jump on my bike again (aka. to when I can leave the house without 15 layers of clothing). I am ready for spring. And also for summer, actually. And one thing I am definitely SO ready for is flying around the globe this July, moving to the most amazing city and studying a semester abroad. (BEST news this year so far. Don’t think it can get any better.)


  1. Lara January 24, 2017

    i really like the pictures and the festival sounds pretty cool!
    which camera do you use to take your pictures?

    • Clara January 24, 2017

      Thank youuu! 🙂 I use my canon 5d mark III

  2. fts1306 January 24, 2017

    Oh was für schöne Neuigkeiten!
    Wo wirst du denn zum studieren hinziehen? 🙂

    Ich folge dir nun schon seit geraumer Zeit und muss einfach feststellen, dass deine Posts so unglaublich schön sind!
    Du hast eine tolle Art zu schreiben und Momente fotografisch einzufangen!

    Liebe Grüße,

    • Clara January 24, 2017

      Danke danke dir, das ist total lieb, freut mich sehr zu wissen, dass es echt Leute regelmäßig meine Posts lesen 🙂 Ich gehe nach Melbourne! 🙂 Liebe Grüße xx


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