Ok wow, I am not even going to comment on how long I have not posted anything… Shame shame shame, no excuses anymore. Last Saturday it was sunny though (not so much anymore), and I went to visit Huis Marseille once again before meeting a friend for a coffee. For some reason I had brought my camera (subconscious guilt, I assume) so I went for a walk around the canal district to capture this¬†stunning¬†city on a sunny winter day.¬†I fell in love with this city all over again, as usually when the sun is out.¬†(And no, ¬†I will never stop expressing this love ever).

Another post is planned and maybe a third one as well. And then we’ll see how it goes, it’s only 4 weeks into the¬†semester and¬†let’s say stress is an understatement. But I love it, I love my courses and everything I am learning every day. And¬†every time I sense one of those tiny panic attacks coming from somewhere I just try to remember how amazingly grateful I am for being here, studying what I love, in one of the beautiful cities in the world. It works, I swear.

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