Last weekend I spent in Antwerp, with Ana√Įs, and I cannot even describe how nice it was to get out of campus, explore a new city and just spend a weekend far far away from deadlines and other worries¬†(including a broken laptop which also explains – or rather serves as an excuse for – this way too¬†long break from blogging). We spent two nights in this beautiful city and spend one and a half great days walking around, taking photos in cute concept stores, sitting on big squares and in hidden gardens enjoying the perfect weather, eating too many Belgian waffles and generally just had a perfect weekend getaway.

Honestly, I have never seen so many concept stores and fancy-minimalist boutiques packed in a couple of streets ever before. Antwerp is definitely one of the best shopping destinations – or rather: window shopping destinations √° la “Let’s go in and pretend we actually plan to buy this 350‚ā¨ sweater.”I remember the MAS museum from my last time in Antwerp, this time we decided the weather was way too nice to spend all that time in the dark exhibition rooms ¬†and went straight to the top of the building. Needless to say there is no better place to see Antwerp from above.It’s not that I am not used to a lot of bikes everywhere. Only difference: in Antwerp you don’t see Dutch bikes. You see race bikes. Really fancy, really retro, everyone had them. Admittedly, they do look way better than those oma fietsen you have in Amsterdam. Especially when their¬†owners wear stripey¬†shirts and distressed jeans. Or equivalent hip outfits.¬†

I already prepared some hotspot posts and maybe also a small city guide sooo don’t worry, you’ll soon enough know where to go and what to do when spending a weekend in Antwerp. Can’t wait to be back myself and try out more brunch places and visit some of the museums we walked past this time.

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