Antwerp is design heaven, there are fancy places on every corner (especially you’re around the neighbourhood Sint Andries) and luckily the city small enough to walk everywhere by foot. We stayed in a beautiful AirBnB close to the cafĂ©/brunch place Barchel, which we found out about on Petite Passport. No question this was our first stop on Saturday morning before exploring the city. The place is an instagrammer’s dream, with perfect light, high ceiling, the obligatory brick wall and marble tables. And the avocado bagel was pretty good as well. 10/10 recommend – that is if you don’t mind having breakfast among a crowd of girls in gym pants and cashmere sweaters ( and yep, there were two brave guys as well).

BARCHEL | Van Bréestraat 6 | 2018 Antwerpen


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