St. Vincents in Antwerp is probably the ultimate example for what your perfect¬†Antwerpian hip concept store / caf√© / exhibition space looks like. It¬†really does tick all the boxes: brick walls, grey cement floor for that super low-key look, expensive minimalist vases and fancy cold-brew-coffee variations¬†for about the same price. But hey, after all these are the places where we get our interior inspiration from, right? Where we get our instagram photos taken, fall in love with coffee table books and learn that carpets are apparently not meant for the floor anymore. And, to be honest, I wouldn’t mind moving in here straight away. So I better¬†stop criticising and show¬†my full apprecitation for St. Vincents. And, by the way, if you can’t make it to Antwerp at least spend some procrastination time reading the journal on their beautiful website.

ST. VINCENTS | Kleine Markt 13 | 2000 Antwerp

Can I please have a plant-arrangement like this in my apartment? And maybe also the necessary skills to keep those alive, since experience has shown¬†I am not particularly¬†good with that (speaking of dead cacti and stolen rosemary plants here…)Okay, the concept¬†of this place was a bit confusing. Am I supposed to look at the exhibition while waiting for my coffee? Can I buy those photos or just look at them? WHEN CAN I MOVE IN?¬†Luckily, St. Vincents tells you exactly what to do and what not. The stealing rule¬†was particularly difficult to stick by, the enjoying was easy.


  1. cait May 7, 2017

    Very hip indeed! It does seem like a lovely space though and the light coming through is beautiful x

    • Clara May 7, 2017

      It was, definitely recommend! Beautiful atmosphere!


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