Scouting locations for a blog article I am currently working on for my internship I came across the Bijlmerbajes, expecting to find the doors closed and hoping for a nice photo taken of the complex from the outside. Turned out to be wrong, I actually got access to the building and spend some time exploring the former prison, which over the past years had been converted into a refugee center, including a café, workshops, and a museum about the old prison. With student housings nearby the venue is also being used for festivals during summer, and the former laundry room has been transformed into a restaurant. Definitely one of the most unconventional but coolest places to explore in Amsterdam, and I will for sure come back another day.

I absolutely loved the style of the café. Why caring about white brick walls when you can have white tiles and a laundry-room look? 

With only about a week left in Amsterdam I feel like time is running out. There are still a million things to do and take care of and I honestly don’t know how it is all going to work out. And then I also want to spend as much time with my friends as possible, and on my balcony, and make the most out of every minute of sunshine that I am not in the office of my internship. Really torn between pure excitement of getting to Melbourne and a serious heartbreak of having to leave Amsterdam for such a long time.


  1. Lara June 25, 2017

    I’m always so happy when there is a new post on your blog! and your photos are always so nice! greetings, lara! x

    • Clara June 26, 2017

      Thank you that’s so nice to hear 🙂 x


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