Not the first time I utterly regret not taking my camera and having to rely on my phone. But oh well, on the bright side I didn’t have to worry a second about where I left it, what I do with it while dancing or how to prevent my shoulder from falling off under its weight. And then again, with a new phone on my hands I really cannot complain about the camera quality of it, so I went a bit crazy and took photos all afternoon long, while having the best time at a music festival organised by the Dormsessions committee of my uni, at Café De Ceuvel in North, arguably the most beautiful place so close to the center of Amsterdam. 

After a week of the worst weather I might have EVER experienced in Amsterdam (yes, we had more sun in February than during this first week of June…) the sun finally showed up and although I was too suspicious to go all bare legs the weather definitely could not have been any better. We spent hours sitting on the docks, with our feet in the water, and pretty much forgot we were 10 minutes away from Amsterdam Central Station.

I am sure my friends have a radar for occasions in which I will be taking many, many photos and dress accordingly. Literally, everything in the photo just matches so perfectly – who needs stylists when you have friends with a great taste?  Although I had heard of De Ceuvel before I had never actually been. It is literally the most beautiful venue north of the Ij, and I have been to many places in Noord. Not even Pllek can compete with this, definitely will come back with my camera some time next year.
I am not going to comment on the fact that I have not been posting anything in like, years, or at least that’s what it feels like. I have been so insanely busy the past weeks, with finals, and now my internship but I am enjoying every moment I have left in Amsterdam. Only 4 weeks left and I am off to Melbourne, and I don’t know whether I am

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