A while ago I went to the Filmtheater Kriterion to take photos for a photo series for my internship. The place is probably one of my favourites in Amsterdam Oost, a cinema / bar / café / exhibition and event space run entirely by students. I spent an afternoon at the place taking photos, talking to the students working there and getting a super cool insight into the cinema. If not for indie art house movies or cool documentaries it is probably one of the best spots to study when the library on the other side of the street is simply not an option anymore.

Laura and Bobby work in the PR section. Loved to take their portraits, not something I usually do when I take photos for my blog but the light was just so perfect and how cool to get to know the people who actually run the place?

Although I did spent quite a few afternoons studying in the cafĂ© (how long is it acceptable to occupy a seat with just ordering one black coffee?) I actually had never been to the cinema. A bit late now that I’m leaving Amsterdam in a few days but I for sure will come more often when I’m back next year.

Filmtheater Kriterion / Roetersstraat 170


  1. Sibylle Pietrek June 27, 2017

    love the flowers and the portraits! Mum

    • Clara June 27, 2017

      Merci X <3


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