I left Dubai only a week ago but it feels like I have been in Melbourne for much longer already. The past week was super busy, I ran from one room viewing to the next, from administrative appointments to introductory events at uni, to drinks with new friends and all that back and forth and back and forth. But still, sunset at 5PM means a lot Рa LOT Рof time spent sitting in caf̩s, and in between enrolling for classes and looking for a new home and furniture I found some time to edit some more photos I took in Dubai.

We went to visit Deira on my second day, the old town of Dubai, I absolutely loved it. It was hot and I could almost taste the sand in the air, everything was yellowish-grey and dusty, the palm trees hidden under a layer of desert sand.

We had the best view over Deira on the top deck of the parking house.  The city seemed a bit like a painting, so incredibly photogenic, and the view over the creek was so beautiful. And looking at a city from above is something so special: Being able to peek into apartments, and onto rooftop terraces…
The light was just perfect so Simoné had to pose for me. Thanks to her I could see Dubai from a site most people will never get to see. The best thing with having friends from all over the world is visiting them at home, seeing where they went to high school, or where they hang out in the evenings, and hearing stories and memories about every place you drive by.

I know, a lot of photos. But I loved the colours so much, the style of them, and hopefully also the unexpectedness of seeing such different photos from Dubai. I don’t think I have ever expected Dubai to be so diverse, so full of contrasts, and I must admit I had some prejudices against the city. Definitely a sign to be more open to visit places that are easily stereotyped – and make my own opinion about it.

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