It’s been almost four weeks since arriving in Melbourne. Feels more like 4 days and if someone would tell me it’s been four months I wouldn’t doubt it either. Time is a strange concept. The last weeks were amazing and exhausting, ups and down (luckily less of the latter), meeting new people, trying to find nice caf√©s (easy) and hidden lecture halls (not so easy) and a seat in the library (preferably one with a power plug, but chances aren’t high…). Filling out forms and enrolling in classes, going for pizza with my new housemates, and on hikes in the mud with a bunch of overly excited exchange students.

It’s been so cold that most of the days I couldn’t be bothered to take my camera with me (and the rain that seems to come out of nowhere every 30 minutes doesn’t help either) but I did take some photos on random occasions so here is a sneak preview of Melbourne. I promise, more will follow soon. Once it gets warmer and the number of ¬†thermo t-shirts I’m layering to fight those unheated classrooms and caf√©s decreases I’ll take my camera ¬†with me much more often and make up for the last post-less weeks.

One Saturday we went and explored the Docklands. The sun came out for a bit and we walked around and then spent the rest of the day trying to be as touristy as we could possibly be, exploring Melbourne’s laneways, discovering hidden second hand stores, buying postcards, watching street artists and having coffee and hot chocolate in the library.

Last weekend we went hiking in the Dandenong Ranges and I was so happy to finally get out of the city for a bit. We walked for pretty much most of the day, up the 1000 steps of Mount Dandenong, and then around the forest, in the mud (thanks to some pretty rainy days prior to this…) and through the woods. Can’t wait to explore more of Victoria, just take the train somewhere and walk. So excited for all the adventures ahead.




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