Last Saturday I went to Prahran, a neighbourhood south of the Yarra river, where black gym pants, tiny dogs and expensive sunglasses are clearly an unwritten rule. The average young Prahran couple seems to be spending their Saturday mornings buying fresh cheese, overpriced granola and organic avocados at Prahran market, having their (probably fifth) coffee at a cute little café stall before getting take-away sushi for lunch. Or anything else, as long as it is all-natural, handmade, organic – and clearly falls under gourmet. But then again, who am I to judge, dreaming of exactly that as my own Saturday morning routine. I’d probably even wear matching gym shoes. 

Anyways. I absolutely loved the market, it was comfy and warm and super colourful and had aesthetically charcoal-coloured floor, and in between fruit and flower stalls were miniature organic super markets, and falafel stalls, and a bakery with real bread. I’m not speaking of anything white and fluffy that weighs no more than a peanut, but proper German bread. Other than the fact that I probably wouldn’t even have been able to afford a slice of that very same bread I had the best time strolling around the market hall, watching the Prahran’s gourmets having the most relaxed start into the weekend – and finally, finally, taking many photos again.

Prahran Market is definitely worth a visit when in Melbourne, the number of tourists is low, and the number of stalls where you’d want to leave all your money high. No better way to experience a little bit of the Melbournian’s everyday life than by visiting their local markets.

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