We waited 3 hours for our car, we had to change our itinerary, we ate half of our snacks before even sitting in the car, and when we were all ready to watch the sunset clouds showed up out of nowhere. Could have just stayed at home. But then I probably would have missed out on one of the best days here so far, with this group of amazing girls (who are all, fortunately, incredibly photogenic). And on a picnic by the beach (and a near-attack by seagulls), on the opportunity to take jump-photos for the first time in probably 6 years, and in general on just the most beautiful trip.

I took so many photos I actually had to make a selection and divide it into two, so here is the first batch, and I’ll make sure to post the second one before I’m off to Noosa, beach-and-surf-bound, on Sunday. Because of trouble with the car rental we weren’t ready to leave before lunchtime, but roadtripping in the late afternoon is so much better anyways, because the sun is low and the light all gold and shiny. And let’s be honest, no road trip is complete if it’s not all dark on your way back to the city, with good music on the radio and everyone’s face glowing from too much spring sun and wind.


  1. Nathalie Stoppel September 22, 2017

    Ach da bekomme ich gleich wieder Fernweh, will zurück nach Australien, hier wirds langsam kalt in Deutschland.
    und ja Nachts heimfahren wenns schon dunkel ist mag ich irgendwie auch, hat was!
    sehr schöne Fotos, ich freu mich auf den zweiten Teil! 🙂

    • Clara September 23, 2017

      Danke dir! 🙂 Wünsch dir trotzdem einen schönen Herbst!


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