We drove all the way to the London Bridge Lookout, finally went on the hike we had been waiting for all day (it turned out to be a 10 minute hike but better than no hike right), and then after a while we actually found a spot where it was slightly less windy, as in, we didn’t have to fear to be blown off the cliffs. We still had a bag of M&M’s, so we just sat there waiting for the sunset, holding on to our hats and caps and everything else that could just take off any minute. And then clouds appeared out of nowhere and there was no sunset after all. Still, one of the most beautiful views I have ever seen. 

The next week I’ll be spending road tripping along the East coast, eating tons of watermelon and mango and strawberries and finally – finally – swimming in the ocean again. Camera and a total of approximately 30GB SD cards are packed, and so are my friends who surely cannot wait to patiently pose for my photos, order pretty avocado toast and drink their coffees cold so I can instagram them.


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