A few weeks ago Hannah and I took the train to the coast and spent the day walking up and down the beaches around Torquay. It was one of the best days I have had here in Australia so far, it was warm and sunny (for once…), we brought food (a lot) and it just did not feel like winter at all. We spent all day watching the tiny surfers waiting for the perfect waves, soaking up the sun and reapplying sunscreen every half an hour – winter in Australia at its best. 

The past weeks were super busy, with the first projects being due and deadlines coming up, readings to catch up and trying to make to most out of every minute of sunshine after many grey days. And then suddenly my blog stopped working (googled the symptoms, “white screen of death” didn’t seem like something easy to fix in between tutorial and lecture) but luckily it all worked out and I can finally post some new photos from the past weeks. The one thing missing now is the sun (for good, and not just 10 minutes…), and I also wouldn’t mind a few degrees more. But then again, second day of spring so I guess I can get my hopes up high.

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