Two weekends ago we went on a trip along the Great Ocean Road, needless to say I took about a million photos in those two days. I had needed that so much, just sitting in the car, driving along the coastline, stopping wherever the view was nice (so basically every 2km), listening to endless Best-of-the-2000s spotify playlists, eating ice cream at gas stations, and just not thinking about any of the upcoming assignments. It just felt so good to be in the nature, out of the city for a while. AND WE SAW KOALAS IN THE WILD! Couldn’t get any better.

We had such a great time, and I can easily say our timing when we arrived at the Twelve Apostels could not have been better. The wind was freezing cold, we were tired and hungry, but that all didn’t really matter because the views were so incredibly beautiful.

A bit behind with posting I am spending 24/7 in the library right now, producing essays and finishing take-home exams like a little academic robot. And when I feel yet another almost-mental break down nearing I’m getting coffee with friends, have lunch on the lawn or book flights to New Zealand and Tasmania.



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