After spending the first night in Caloundra and a short detour to the Kondalilla National Park we drove to Noosa, and these 4 days were probably some of the best I have had in Australia so far. Finally, finally, I got to go surfing, and we spent our time laying on the beach (obviously covered in SPF 5000, because Australia…), eating the BEST veggie burger I have ever had in my life at Betty’s Burgers, shopping bikinis, and playing card games at the hostel.

The last evening we walked the coastal walk in the Noosa National Park, just before sunset, and we jumped in the fairy pools and everything was so, so incredibly beautiful. Now looking at the photos being back in Melbourne, (pouring rain outside), it seems almost unreal. I honestly cannot wait to send in my last essay, leave my laptop behind and just explore as much of this beautiful country, and drive along the coast with my friends, and become a bit less bad at surfing, and eat watermelon and mango and have the summer I missed this year.

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