I don’t know how but I made it – more or less successfully – through the last weeks of uni. 13 degrees didn’t really help either but at least I didn’t have to sit in the library while it’s all beautiful and warm and sunny outside. Last week I finally, finally handed in my last paper of the semester and now I’m slowly getting used to the fact that for the next 3 months I am free from any assignments and readings. Free to read because I want to and not have to, and to explore Australia, and spend my evenings picnicking in the park, and my Fridays roadtripping around Victoria. And free to finally catch up on posting about the last weeks.

A while ago we spent a weekend in Lorne, at the coast, surfing (more or less), camping, eating bread and hummus at the beach, and dancing to crappy music in the town’s only pub. While waiting for the others to arrive we sat at The Bottle of Milk, a burger place in Lorne – although it definitely should be famous for its outstandingly good home made cookies that I had with my coffee. I will also post some photos of the camp soon, and of our trip to the Grampian National Park, and the last free BBQ on campus, and the street festival we went to yesterday, but first a few photos I took at the restaurant, because, how amazing is their interior please…

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