When we spent the weekend in Lorne I used my camera for approximately 20 minutes – the rest of the time it was somewhere hidden in the car, because it’s probably one of the least convenient things to take when spending a weekend surfing and camping. But while everyone was having lunch, hungry from spending too many hours freezing in the water, and from more or less successfully trying to catch the waves, I took some portraits. I love how happy everyone looks, and relaxed, with hair wet and salty from the sea, forgetting about the upcoming deadlines and hours spent in the library, with the only thing to worry about being whether or not we will have enough fries for everyone – we didn’t.

It took me a few days but I finally feel like I successfully left the stressful last weeks of uni behind. The past days were the best start into summer I could have possibly imagined: Road trips to national parks and the beach, drinking litres of iced coffee in various cafés, and outside in the sun, covered in sunscreen. Spending hours dancing outside in the rain, picnicking in the park, having good-bye-dinners with my friends, and spending a whole rainy day inside watching Netflix. I also had quite a few photoshoots and spent today sitting in a café, editing photos, and planning my upcoming travels. So very, very happy to be here right now, could not have wished for anything else. I’m leaving to Tasmania soon (30GB of SD cards are ready and set), but I’ll try to upload some more photos before.

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