It’s been a few weeks already that we spent an afternoon at the Peel Street Festival in Collingwood, one of the first days of freedom, after finishing exams and assignments, ready for a long summer. The festival was basically a massive get-together of hip Melbournians, but with all the children around it had such a nice neighbourhood vibe, with the local pizza place – Lazerpig – selling food, and a group of badass girls performing their music on stage.

So happy I could spend this day with some of my favourite people here, just before everyone started to leave Melbourne to travel around Australia and New Zealand. And so excited to visit all of them next year, to spend weekends in Copenhagen and Berlin and Oslo and Barcelona. And to just make the most out of a kinda shitty situation in which too many of your friends live spread out across Europe, too far to just meet for the occasional glass of wine, or iced coffee, or to go on a spontaneous road trip together. And still, meeting all these people is definitely one of the best things that happened to me this year. Can’t believe 6 months ago I hadn’t met any of them yet.




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