Some photos of the last days of our road trip through Tasmania. We hiked to the stunning Wineglass Bay, went for a swim on the white – and absolutely completely empty – beaches in the Bay of Fire, stayed in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, without phone reception or wifi but a lot of cheap wine and sheep. And then we drove, in the pouring rain, to the Cradle Mountain National Park, hiked around the lake and drove through the misty grey hilly landscape of Northern Tasmania.

The trip has truly been one of my favourite ones. We had so much fun together, saw the most beautiful and diverse landscape, and enjoyed Tasmania to the fullest – definitely the place to be if you fear other tourists as much as I do, enjoy long, empty roads (Thanks to an amazingly patient driver!) and cannot decide between beach and mountains. Will post a small travel guide in about two weeks, when I’m back from my last trip.

Happy New Year! X



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