When I left Australia in the end of January to go back to the Netherlands everyone told me that the worst is over, and it’s just gonna be a few more weeks of winter, and then spring starts and I won’t even miss Aussie summer anymore. Well – everyone was wrong. My enthusiasm for -3 degrees and another windy snowstorm is rather limited. But as there is nothing I can do about it  and flying back to Australia is not an option given that I am planning to graduate in June I am accepting my fate, continue to wear my woollen jumpers and hide in cafés until spring finally is here for good. And post some more photos from my trip through New Zealand.

I took the ferry from Picton to Wellington, through the stunning Marlborough Sounds. Plan was to leave Picton around 7 and arrive in Wellington by sunset (featuring a few hours of golden light on the way). We ended up leaving Picton at 9, so less golden light, more ice cold wind, and wrongfully selected clothes. But the sky was clear and full of stars and I had a few days planned in Wellington so arriving at the hostel at 3AM and sleeping through half of the next day wasn’t too bad. The following days I spent walking approximately 15km every day, up and down the hills of Wellington, being guided through the botanicals gardens by a true kiwi, and having one too many bagels at Best Ugly Bagels while reading a book I found in the hostel that made me look intellectual and all but was actually a bit boring. But that was fine because I had a lot of time and nowhere to go and no other plans than going for a drink with people from my hostel later that night.

The last stop of my trip was Tauranga, where I had the best time visiting Katie who I hadn’t seen in years, swimming in the lakes in Rotorua, eating poffertjes at the Mount Maunganui Night Market – and taking about 5000 photos, which I’ll post soon.

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