My last night in New Zealand (that actually turned out to be the second last as my flight got delayed and I had to stay in Auckland one more night) we went for dinner at a super nice place in Mount Maunganui – Johney’s Dumpling House – where we watched the sunset and listened to live music and had way too much good food. Afterwards, we went to the night market, for dessert, and more live music, and just to enjoy the nice summery atmosphere. I loved it, cute food stalls everywhere, children running around, and people sitting in little groups eating crepes and soft ice and burgers and all that good overpriced food truck food. Before we drove back home we stopped by the beach and I don’t think there is anything better than being at the beach, at night, sitting in the sand and watching the stars.

These are my last photos from New Zealand, and although it have posted quite a bit it still is just a fraction of what I actually photographed. But I also still got more photos from Australia, our road trip from Byron Bay to Sydney, and then some more photos from Melbourne, and the city guide. And I kind of want to be done posting all of them before I’m back in Melbourne… Or at least before the summer in Amsterdam starts and I am done with my thesis and ready to take photos here again.

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