A few weeks before leaving Australia I went on my last trip, traveling down the East Coast, with two friends in a tiny car with a tent on top of the roof. We spent about a week on the road, driving from Byron Bay to Sydney, and then I spent another week in Bondi Beach (after 2 very overwhelming days in the CBD). We had such a wonderful time together, met the nicest people on the campsites, made it through the hottest days NSW had experienced in decades (hiding in the shade), showered at the beach, ate so much hummus and bread that I was very close to being over it… The perfect road trip. The last week in Bondi all I did really was sit in cafés, read my books, walk the coastal walk, and spend some fun time surfing with Cora. This last journey was so important to me, not that I saw a completely different side of Australia, or did the most exciting things, but it was just so good to be out in the nature, without phone reception and running water, but with many hour watching the stars, drinking iced coffees on the road and drying our bikinis on the dashboard of the car…

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