It doesn’t feel quite right posting the last photos I took in Australia over a year after leaving to Australia, and almost 6 months after returning to Amsterdam. But with the last semester having been one of the most stressful periods of my life I simply couldn’t find the time and motivation to spend extra time in front of the screen, writing a few words.

We graduated about two weeks ago and I’d say the feelings are mixed. Obviously I’m super excited to finally be done, to have achieved something I never thought I would (60 pages of academia written by me!!!), to just in time find a new place in Amsterdam to move into for the next months, to have gotten a proper JOB that pays real MONEY, and to finally have an idea of what I wanna do with my life (or at least which direction I will be headed). But it’s also a bit strange, leaving the dorms where I lived for the past years (minus the time in Australia), seeing everyone move out, saying bye… And then realising that I left for Australia over a year ago and sometimes it feels like 3 weeks ago.

The photos I took over the last days in Melbourne. Brunch with Aida and Jenny (very Melbourne), a last road trip to the rock pools with Siri, Aida and her boyfriend, and then finally a last house breakfast the day I left Melbourne, with my housemates in the backyard of my little temporary home.


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