A while ago we went to Haarlem, just for a day. The weather was very Dutch and not very summery, but with Haarlem having so many great shops and cafés to spend time in, we didn’t really mind so much. Instead of posting just a few of the photos I took I thought I could turn this into a mini city guide, with a list of my favourite places below.

I started my new job now, at the university, and so far I have been loving it. Deciding to take a year off, I can tell already, was such a good decision and right now I am just so excited for all the things I want to take time for this year until starting my masters. Apart from gaining some bonus points working as a teaching assistant I’m planning to focus more on my blog again, take more photos, hopefully get to photograph more events. Read more books, visit friends all over Europe, and finally spend some time in Portugal to properly learn to surf.

Scroll down for Haarlem tips (too many tourists in Amsterdam anyways).



Fortuyn Haarlem [food]
No need to say much, just look at the photos of the veggie burger and fries (!!!!). Best lunch I had in a long time.

By Lima [breakfast, lunch, coffee]
This place was so packed, we didn’t even get a seat. But everyone said it’s great so fingers crossed you’re more lucky than we were.

Bookstore H. De Vries Books
Beautiful bookstore with many different rooms to explore, also selling English books.

Kloffie [clothing & concept store]
First place I go to every time I’m in Haarlem, really cool boutique store with all the brands you need (so everything Scandinavian really).

Scotch and Soda  [clothing store]
Not really unique to Haarlem but definitely the most beautiful clothing store I have ever been to in my life. Think of Alice in Wonderland meets 1001 nights.

Number Nine [clothing & concept store]
Again, most of the brands are Danish origin, plus a lot of them sustainable, loved it.

Native Haarlem [breakfast, lunch, coffee]
Haven’t been but walked past and heard it’s great!

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