Currently in Melbourne, Australia — usually in Amsterdam.

It all started in 2010 when my friend Cosi and I had a too much free time and the spontaneous thought we wanted to share something with the world. Since then I have been working on Cocomathilde on and off, sometimes more, sometimes less regularly. I tried out some sort of fashion theme (failed miserably), some writing (still practicing) and a lot of photography. I realised that if there is one thing I am really interested in which is definitely worth sharing it is travelling. I love to explore new places, to live in different cities and make them my new home (works surprisingly well and easily for me). I love to get to know new cultures, see how differently people live their lives. And I love to share that with people, tell about my favourite places, the best cafés, the most beautiful neighbourhood…

I also photograph every now and then, events, portraits, people… Send me a mail (mail@cocomathilde.com) or message me on facebook if you feel like getting some nice photos taken — or for any other request, idea, advice, questions…

Clara Pietrek